A Community For Women In Technology

Are you a woman entrepreneur, engineer, designer, or coder? Do you want to be one?

Our Story

We are a community of amazing women in tech who are passionate about helping one another.

Who We Are

We are a non-profit, free for members, community for Women in Technology created by women in tech. We host events, courses, discussions, skillling opportunities, empowerment and support. All while having a lot of fun.

We like growth hacking, mindfulness, growth mindset, continuous learning and creating a place where we can experiment and grow together.

Our Vision

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group.

We want to go far. As a matter of fact, we want to keep going. And we want to enjoy the ride and innovate as we go while elevating others. This is why our community is free, and focused on our members.

Our History

We started in 2019 as a meetup group - because we were not finding a community that felt like home. Then, COVID struck and we had to go virtual. However, we did persevere through it, and came out stronger.

In 2022, we relaunched as a non-profit, and our own community platform. While meetup is good for meets, we needed something more than meetings; we needed a home, chat, ad-hoc meets, forums, courses and most of all - an engaged community.


Why This Community?

Another community for WiT?. We wanted something relatable, organic and where the agenda was set by the group, not by the hierarchy. And, we wanted a free community.

Community Driven

We are community first. This group was founded by a group of like-minded women - with focus on networking and growth hacking. This is our place :-D.

Hybrid Meetups

All our workshops and meetings are hybrid. If you are local, join us for hugs and laughs! if not, join our online channel. Either way, we want you to engage and contribute.

Courses & Recordings

All our workshops are recorded and made available for the group, no matter when you join. We have presented some of these sessions as course, and others as documents. We are looking forward to your contribution!


Aside from meetups, we have created one place to be able to communicate, read threads, post questions, have impromptu video calls and have a healthy discourse.


We host weekly events, monthly socials, and a yearly symposium. Be a part of it all or some. Chose your level :-D.

Always Free

We are committed to creating a free community. Will we have optional fundraisers? Yes! Will we sometimes ask for your support? Yes! However, we will never charge for membership, and all our content is free.

We are supported by Women Owned Businesses!

We are a community and we are community supported. Here are some of our sponsors - and don't you know it - they are women wun businesses!


Magna Data


Zen Mystery


Barkha Herman Inc.

We would love to connect

with you.

If you are a Women in Technology and looking for that community that can feel like home.

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